What the heck is The Reducer?

What is a ‘Reducer’?
A robust tackle made in the opening exchanges, designed to nullify the most skilful of opponents.  Paraphrased from casual racist Ron Atkinson.

And on this occasion, who is ‘The Reducer’?
The Reducer is Richard Dorman, a football fan and guttersnipe with some forthright and particularly stubborn opinions on the rights and wrongs of the game.

So you’ll be ‘sticking the boot in’ then, will you?
Well, probably not.  This blog is designed as a means by which to consider my thoughts, put them into the tenuous medium of the written word, and get some feedback.  I hope it will reflect my own opinions and values, as I try to set the world (of football) to rights.  It’ll probably just end up being a fraudulent rehashing of other people’s work, though.

Well what else do you do?
Whatever’s going.  Mostly, unpaid programme writing and match reporting for various professional clubs (Birmingham City, Doncaster Rovers, Rotherham United).  I also sub-edit on the Non-League Paper and I’m involved in Non-League Day.  I’ve also subbed on the Sheffield Star, Green ‘Un and worked with Press Association Sport on match reporting, live blogging, digital editing, and more.  And I worked for Comic Relief during Sport Relief 2012, and for the British Olympic Association during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

And what’s your goal from all this?
Nothing in particular, except to take pride and pleasure in whatever I do.

Who do you support?
Birmingham City.

Yuck.  So will this blog just be one long ode to Trevor Francis?
Not at all, in fact I prefer to write about things I can take a more objective view on.  From the Champions League to the Mid-Sussex Football League Division 8, I’m interested.  (And besides, there are plenty of other clubs I have a soft spot for.)  Posts will fall loosely into three main categories:

  • Current Affairs: comments on something up-to-date(ish).
  • Match Previews: an analysis of the bearing of upcoming matches.
  • Thematic Articles: ongoing observations of the world of football.

Where else can I find you?
Follow me on Twitter: @rckd.

I don’t like your blog or your awful opinions.  How best to express that I am going insane with hate?
Criticisms and feedback are always appreciated.  Feel free to chip in in by dropping a comment on the specific blog entry.  Enjoy!


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